The Monterrey Market offers freshly baked pastries every day! Hurry in and try some of our artisan breads, or one of our fresh baked donuts today. If that doesn’t suite your fancy maybe you would like a custom cake. Did you know we can make a cake for your special occasions like graduations and birthdays? Come on in grab a big glass of milk and treat yourself to some of our delicious pastries. NO ONE in town provides you a bigger selection.


The Monterrey Market dairy department offers huge varieties of yogurt, butter, milk, eggs and more. Our customers will find all of the major brands in dairy at an exceptional value. Whether it is lactose free products, organic products, or conventional items our customers will find the largest selection of dairy items in many categories. Monterrey Market offers an incredible selection to keep our shoppers happy!


The Monterrey Market Ks deli will slice to order all of your lunchmeats and cheeses to maximize the freshness of your deli items. The selections in our deli are second to none. Deli trays and catering options are available on a daily basis. The Monterrey Market delicatessen is a must visit for all of our customers.


The Monterrey Market meat department offers USDA choice or grass fed beef cuts, conventional and organic poultry, veal, lamb, and pork on a daily basis. All of our items are processed daily to ensure the freshest selections available. The Monterrey Market service counter displays ready to cook fajitas, marinated chicken breasts, stuffed pork chops, homemade sausages and can satisfy any special requests from our customers.


Fresh fruits and vegetables are what really makes Monterrey Market a special place to shop. Hundreds of items are displayed throughout the entire year. Special care is taken to ensure the freshest produce is delivered at the best price around! Variety is plentiful in this signature department for Monterrey Market.